Simon Burkard - M.Sc. Computer Engineering - TU Berlin

Simon Burkard

Master Thesis, June 2015

Visual Odometry on Mobile Devices for Virtual Walkthroughs

Create an interactive Street View photo tour on your smartphone

Simon Burkard

The Google Street View technology provides impressive photorealistic views of various spots worldwide. Users can virtually dive into the actual scene, navigate between di erent spots and explore the surrounding environment without being there physically. The generation of such virtual walkthroughs, however, requires sophisticated recording devices and is not feasible for end-users easily. The goal of this work is the development of a prototype application enabling users to create their own virtual walkthroughs with conventional smartphones. The thesis mainly focuses therefore on the development of a mobile visual odometry system that serves as basic technology for such photo tour application. With given live camera images and IMU sensor data provided by the smartphone, di erent odometry modules are developed, combined and evaluated. The implemented odometry system eventually reconstructs the motion of the user in real-time with three degrees of freedom and with adaquate accuracy, while rendering the walked path on a map view. Combined with a technology for automatic panoramic image stitching, users can generate photorealistic waypoints along the path and eventually navigate between the waypoints, generating the impression of virtually moving through the captured scene.

Download full pdf (34,5MB)

Weekend Labs UG, January 2015

Happy Measure – Augmented Reality room-­planner app

Your measuring tape and personal room planner - do your interior design by yourself!

Happy Measure

Happy Measure is a new zero cost Android app that helps you with room planning for interior decoration and interior design. With Happy Measure you can measure and easily create 3D colour models of everything in your home, from sofas, chairs, tables, cupboards to glass cabinets or other furniture and place them virtually anywhere using our unique patented augmented reality and 3D visual modeling technologies. This is a simple and quick way to find out whether furniture will fit in a new space – without having to physically move objects around the room.

All you do today is print out our marker, and place it besides the object and Happy measure automatically digitises it as a 3D model within the App. Finally place the marker at your preferred spot and your display will visualise that object virtually placed at that spot.

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